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World’s Tastiest Doughnuts

What’s the secret?

Our doughnuts are handmade daily using traditional techniques and the magic of long yeast fermentation. That’s how we get ‘em so fluffy, so fresh and so tasty!


You can’t beat ’em!


Walker’s twists on the old faves.

Noonie fingers

Born and yeast-raised in Melbourne.


We’re here to celebrate when someone new comes on board, or to comfort you when your favourite person abandons you for maternity leave or even just to help you survive another meeting that could have been an email…

Drop us a line today to be the talk of the office.

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Now Franchising!

Hitch your star to us and own a piece of history! The Walker’s Doughnut kiosk model has been designed with ultimate simplicity in mind and is the fastest-growing Doughnut franchise in Australia.

Delicious Coffee

South American beans, roasted in Melbourne. We hand select for flavour to the last sip. We take our Coffee as seriously as we take our Doughnuts.

We’ve partnered up with Ottimo Coffee to bring you a bold, robust beverage with sweet nutty flavours of caramel, toffee and hazelnut.

Actually, ignore the fancy tasting notes and just get some in your kisser, you’ll thank us for it!