About Walker's

We pay homage to the classic tastes of the American post-war era with our dynamite doughnuts, shakes, dogs & coffee! There ain’t nothing like a Walker’s!

Where it all began…

I grew up in a family of bakers; from my dad right up to my great, great grand-dad, so you could say we were sorta baking obsessed.

Rosie grew up in a Dutch family and the Dutch claimed to have invented doughnuts (amongst everything else they claimed to invent). Rosie remembers growing up eating olie bollen during every family occasion, so whether you like doughnuts or not, you sorta had to love them.

Once the two of us got together, it was inevitable that the doughnut sparks would fly!

Being young and frivolous, we remember doing doughnut runs as often as we could and tried to outdo each other on who could find the best doughnuts until we looked at each other and said, we can do this better ourselves!

I trained as a food technologist and Rosie knows everything, so nothing could stop us now.

And so, Walker’s was born.

Our story began four generations ago and was transplanted to Australia via 50’s New York City and Amsterdam.

At Walker’s we are all about great service and fresh product done authentically.

Our stores image was born in the crazy metropolis that was New York when my father worked in the family bakery in Queens.

Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio hitting ‘em out of the park, the roar of the crowd, corner Drugstores, happy laughing families, malted Milkshakes, magical Doughnut joints… can’t you just see them in your mind’s eye?

THESE are the images that created a story that grew and grew until it became Walker’s Doughnuts.

I hope we can share that little bit of magic with you!

– Jimmy & Rosie Walker, Head Doughnuteers

The tastiest doughnuts in the free world

Our roots are deeply based in the nostalgic and eternal food of the glorious days; the days of the Classic Diner and the Golden Age of Americana.

From beautiful traditional Doughnuts to Heritage brand Sodas and Classic Hot Dog flavours, you are tasting something truly special; something that is missing in this age of fast fads and even faster food.

Our service is quick but our food has evolved from many years of tried and trusted traditional processes. Traditional is traditional because it’s WORKS.

Our core product is the freshest, tastiest doughnuts, milkshakes, hot dogs and coffee; food that evokes a sense of yesteryear, where food tasted fresh and where warm & genuine service was expected – an experience that stayed with you.