Hitch your star to us, Pardner.

When you partner with Walker’s Doughnuts as a franchisee, you become part of our Walker’s family, a family that has seen a successful operation grow from humble beginnings in Melbourne to a business that is loved by its customers and has been delighting Australians since 2006.

Welcome to Walker’s

As a dedicated owner-operator, you will join us in an adventure which started out in our busy and iconic Elizabeth Street store.

We want to share this journey with the rest of Australia, New Zealand and eventually the world. Not only is our core product the freshest, tastiest doughnuts, milkshakes, hot dogs and coffee that is on the market, but we see ourselves as selling a diminishing piece of history and nostalgia; something that many thought was lost forever.

Our stores evoke a sense of lost yesteryear, where food tasted fresh, just-made and the store looked warm and inviting – an experience that stayed with you.

In this modern world of pre-rehearsed sales speeches and quick no-service, we pride ourselves on maintaining the age old values of Genuine and Warm hospitality.

If these values align with yours, it’s time we had a chat!

Food Fads come & go but Walker’s will remain eternal, with the freshest, tastiest doughnuts in the world.

“The Walker’s Doughnuts kiosk model evokes the classic designs of the early stand-alone Soda Fountains of the 1940s”

The Magnificent Seven

7 Steps away from making Dough!

1. Register your interest with us by completing the form above.

2. Our Franchise Recruitment Manager will contact you for a conversation and to provide you with an application form to see if you’re the passionate person and keen owner/operator we’re on the look out for. This is your chance to ask questions about us too and find out if we’re the doughnuts you’ve been dreaming about.

3. Next up we meet! You’ve looked over our info pack & hopefully gone for a bite at one of our stores so we’ll get down to discussing the Walker’s Doughnuts business model, your experience, financials & stability and make sure it’s a match made in Doughnut heaven.

4. Now that we approve of each other, it’s time to get the process really started. You’ll be asked to pay a fully refundable deposit of $3,300 which will go towards the cost of franchise & disclosure document preparation.

5. Once your business & financial due diligence is complete, you will meet with the Walker’s Doughnuts franchisors, Jim & Rose, for your approval meeting. All things going swimmingly, you will be issued with our franchise agreements in their final form, Welcome to Walker’s!

6. Once the agreements are signed, along with the payment of the Franchise Fee, you will be given a 7 day cooling off period before we go any further. We want to be 100% sure this is the right fit for you and do make sure you’re consulting your advisers.

7. Congratulations you’re now part of something wonderful. Next step is building, hiring, training and before you know it – the Grand Opening of your very own Walker’s Doughnuts, huzzah!